5 Things: May 15

5 Things_Intro Image_largerYou know those weeks where nothing super exciting happens and you don’t have plans every night? No? Me neither. That’s probably why this past weekend’s lack of planned engagements and requirements was so special – the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day. The hubby and our little man just hung out at the house, cooked, played at the park, walked the dog, and drank some great wine (the little man stuck with his milk – but tells me it was great). The combination of a relaxing weekend, gorgeous sunny skies, and some much needed rain, reminded me that opposites attract and one isn’t necessarily better than the other.
  1. All the rain coming down in Austin, TX makes my heart happy. With the drought keeping the city parched – the lakes were at 34% full at the start of the year – it is great to see it finally getting some much-needed moisture. Hopefully the lakes will be full by the time we get back! Craving lake time and wakeboarding.
  1. Staying on the rain theme, the rainfall in Cali has been a blessing. The gloomy weather doesn’t exactly represent spring, but I’ll take whatever moisture Mother Nature is willing to share (even if it means a couple days of fall clothes mid-spring.)
  1. I went to a much-needed and really awesome networking event for entrepreneurs in Santa Monica. It’s amazing how talking to people about their ideas is just as inspiring and invigorating as chatting about yours. Plus, the extrovert in me needed the conversation!
  1. We busted out a bottle of wine that had been driven from CA to VA to TX back to CA (2002 J. Lohr Carol’s Vineyard Cab Sav). With that much travel – all in unconditioned space in the back of a Uhaul – we didn’t have high hopes. Much to my surprise, it was really smooth and delicious. That’s a pretty good testament to the quality of the grapes and final product of the wineries in Paso Robles.
  1. My aunt is graduating from her MBA program this weekend! So freakin’ proud of her and cannot wait to celebrate with her on Saturday. I’m so grateful we get to be a part of these family events and milestones. It wasn’t possible until our move back to SoCal.

A gorgeous image of a full Lake Travis pre-drought.

Grad Cap

Our failure at bedazzling a wine glass turned into a super fun pomegranate martini.

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