5 Things: September 11

5 Things_Intro Image_larger This week has been brutally hot leading to sleepless nights and pounding headaches. But hidden in among the side affects of this Texas-style heat in SoCal were positive moments. ONE: COWS The cows. Anyone who knows us, or has read the last few posts, knows that my little man is in an intense cow phase right now. He wants to read about cows, hear about cows, and sing about cows (apparently that is the only animal on Old MacDonald's Farm as far as he is concerned). He sees cows where there are none, has a cow figurine that he carries around, and is content to stare at live cows or pictures of cows for what feels like hours. Luckily, we were able to find some cows and bulls in Paso Robles for him to stare at and this weekend we are going to see more at the L.A. County Fair. It's an odd obsession, but so adorable. Who knows, maybe we'll have a farmer in the family.... Aiden & Bull TWO: COMFORT FOOD & POPSICLES In an attempt to avoid using the oven, there has been a ton of salad consumption in our home. I love salads and very rarely get bored - there's so many ways to shake them up! But, we were craving something with a little bit more of the comfort food feel so out came the rice and beans. Add in some chopped veggies, a side of avocado, and an ice cold popsicle and you have one tasty dinner. Look for the recipe to our black beans and rice dish coming soon. Meanwhile, check out these veggie popsicles or make your own fruit-based ones with this recipe from Cooking Light. Yum!

Philadelphia recipes: Strawberry Cheesecake Pops; Jason Varney: Photographer; Marian Cooper Cairns: Food Stylist; Claire Spollen: Prop Stylist

THREE: WE'RE MOVING! We are making the move to the El Segundo area. The little man's energy requires more outside space than an 8' x 10' patio so we're upgrading to more yard space than we know what to do with - though I have lots of ideas. I'm thinking a seasonal garden for me, a sand box for the little guy, maybe a water play area, and definitely a relaxing spot to sip on my morning coffee. Bliss and relaxation here we come. We're just renting so there won't be a major redo - enough to make it home. How does this look? Are you a renter? How have you created a temporary garden oasis?
Garden Beds

I'm thinking a mix of high beds and low ones so the little man can help but I don't kill my back. These are from the Williams - Sonoma Agrarian collection. Plus, since we're renting, we can take them with us when we move and not lose out on our hard work!

FOUR: NFL is BACK!!! This probably should have been #1, but my team wasn't playing so it's weekly importance was downgraded. haha. For real though, I have been waiting for this day since February and there were times we weren't sure we were going to make it. There's only so much basketball and baseball a girl can take. The soccer helped me get through at times, but it was tough. My Bears play this weekend so let's get to sending positive vibes and a lot of crossed fingers their way. FIVE: FLARE PANTS It took me years to get on board with the skinny jeans trend. I never felt that they fit my body the right way so adjusting was a slow process. Plus, I never could get over my love affair with wide legged pants. Boot cut jeans, wide legged trousers, even bell bottoms, I wasn't the most stylish girl around and definitely not the most in sync with current trends, but I loved how I looked so no big, right? Fast forward to fall 2015 and there is wide-legged, flare option in every conceivable color, print, fabric, and style. You better believe I will be buying up the stock now for when they are no longer "in" and I'm left high and dry for another couple decades!
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