A Splash of Color

After long winter months filled with navy, maroon, black, and grey, I always get so excited for the punches of color ushered in by spring and summer. The long days and warm nights that define these seasons beg for bright yellows, punchy pastels, hot pinks, and the most vibrant shades of every other color you can dream up. There is something about blending, mixing, and pairing these fun hues that makes getting dressed that much more exciting. Honestly, I am smiling just thinking about it. Spring Colors_Close Up When I go out this time of year, especially in the overwhelmingly black and grey city that is LA, I tend to stand out like a sunflower in a graveyard. For example, last week we went to dinner at Baco Mercat in DTLA. The food was great, the wine tasty, and the company awesome - the hubby especially liked this lamb and grits dish (you can take the boy out of Texas ......). As expected, I was the only one not in the somber colors of the city – but man did I feel great. Fashion is a reflection of who we are, yes. But, it can also be a catalyst to make us who we want to be. You know the old adage “dress for the mood you want, not the mood you’re in?” No? That’s weird. It’s one of my favorites! Spring Colors_Looking Down I firmly believe that what I wear and how it makes me feel when I walk out my front door is much more important than any styling tip, current trend, or crazy rule imposed and enforced by the fashion police. If I am happy and confident, that is what people will notice and remember. And don't I like pleased with myself in these pics?! Now, I’ll admit that sometimes I may get carried away with my color blending and end up resembling something close to a neon rainbow. But, most of the time I strike a fair balance between my love of color and complementary neutrals. What do you think of spring and summer colors? How do you use them and pair them? Spring Colors_Head Back
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