Afternoon Energizer Smoothie

Afternoon Energizer Some mornings require a little more help than others – even those with awesome starts. This was one of them. Despite rising with the sun, getting in a butt-kicking kickboxing workout, catching up on the news, and cleaning up my inbox - all before 9am, I needed a pick me up that would last. Alas, it didn’t seem that an 18th cup of coffee was going to do the trick. Instead of defaulting to my beloved caffeine, I whipped up one of these awesome Afternoon Energizer Smoothies and took a walk to the dry cleaners – mason jar in hand. The sun, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and buckets of other nutrients and vitamins did their job. By the time I returned home I felt much better. I was refreshed and able to focus, plus I snuck in quite a few of my daily fruit and veggie servings. Take that Monday! The rest of this Afternoon Energizer Smoothie is sitting in my freezer in a mason jar in case that slump comes back.
Afternoon Energizer_toppings close up

Those scrumptious flax seeds and coconut shreds got all mixed up as I drank and were a fun treat when I got to the bottom. Yum!

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