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When you’ve lived somewhere, moved away, moved back, moved away again, and still can’t wait to get back, you probably know where your heart lives. For me, this place is Austin, TX. I moved there after college and fell head over heels in love with this quirky, fun, relaxed, loving city. After moving around the country with stints on both coasts, the hubby and I finally made our way back only to have to move away less than a year later. Austin Art Lucky for me, the hubby is heading back for a week-long work trip and the little man and I get to tag along. I am so freakin’ excited! The hardest part for me, except knowing that I don't get stay, is narrowing down what we want to do and what we actually have time for – there are only so meals and minutes in a day. Austin_360 Bridge We will definitely be getting back to some of our favorite places, but we also want to try places that have long been on our “get to and experience” list. We’re staying at a hotel downtown, with some friends in our old community, and in a hotel just north of downtown so there’s plenty of opportunity and no room for excuses. It should be a fun-filled week of awesome food, great friends, and fun times. Until we leave on this adventure, it will be a whirlwind of laundry, packing, planning, and last-minute everything. Lake Austin Spa & Resort I will do my best to get as much of it documented here for your enjoyment, but be sure to follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the full story!
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