Blue Trim Breakfast Bowl

I am a morning person in every sense of the word – I love getting up, I love watching the sunrise, I love coffee, I am most productive from 5am to 10am – except one: I don’t like breakfast. I’m just not into eggs, omelets, hasbrowns, grits, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, maple syrup, and the list goes on. Normally, when I do eat in the AM hours, it is cereal, oatmeal, or a yogurt parfait.  When I look back on my childhood, I remember loving the fried egg sandwiches my dad would make on weekends and the Eggo waffles we sometimes got to eat during the week. But for the most part we were a Cheerios or Corn Flakes / Rice Krispies combo kind of gang. To this day when we get together as a family, the closest things we eat that even might resemble a traditional breakfast are a ham and mushroom soufflé and bagels with toppings. I guess I can blame my lackluster breakfast feelings on my parents. 🙂 Despite my weird food idiosyncrasies, I think that I would eat breakfast more consistently if I was enjoying this meal in a gorgeous bowl like this one I found from Anthropologie. I love the ruffled blue rim and the romantic, whimsical feel. I can picture it filled with homemade steel cut oats topped with fresh local berries I picked up at the farmer’s market. I just may become a breakfast person.  
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