Beauty Favorite: Morning Cleanser

Caudalie_Instant Foaming Cleanser copy As a teenager I suffered from oily skin prone to breakouts. We're talking Acutane levels of skin insanity. Over the last decade or so, it has settled down and now I'd say I run closer to “normal” – not too dry and not too oily. I have gone through what feels like a million face cleansers trying to find one that will cleanse the oily areas without making the dry parts worse. I wasn't looking for a magic eraser or cure-all pill ...

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Just Another Curls Day

Spring Colors_Annie & I at the Table

Ignore the funny face (that's candid Katie for ya). Note that the curls actually look presentable!

Some people are blessed with gorgeous flowing beach wave locks and ideally placed, naturally occurring highlights. Others step out of the shower with perfectly coifed ringlets that bounce in sync with their every step. Some humans, if we can call them that, have no idea what the word “frizz” really means or the depressing effects it can have on one’s day....

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