Acai Banana Berry Bowl, Smoothie

I love acai bowls – thick, tasty, creamy, flavor-packed bowls of delicious and nutritious goodness. The endless base flavor combinations and fun toppings give infinite fun to an otherwise annoying meal – breakfast. But, there are things I don’t love about them, including 1) how hard a good acai bowl is to find, 2) the lack of portability / eat-on-the-go-ability, 3) paying $8 a pop, especially when they melt in 10 minutes flat, and 4) waiting 30+ minutes after ordering for mine to be ready. Acai Smoothies ...

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Smoothie Workout

One of my favorite things in the world is a great workout. Those times when you honestly aren’t sure how you are still alive and can’t figure out what is keeping your legs in an upright position; you know, when you’re so sweaty it looks like you took a shower with all your clothes on and you know you’re gonna hurt the next day and you can’t wait? You know what I’m talking about?
Smoothie Top

Let's just call this heaven in a glass.


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Pomegranate Margarita at Cantina Laredo

Sometimes all you need is a really good margarita. You know what I’m talking about – those days when you’ve spent a combined 6 hours in airports and on a plane with a toddler, and a husband. Now you are all jet lagged, hungry, thirsty, tired, and slightly irritable – not to mention wondering just how you’re going to get through the next 6 days without daycare when the last 6 hours left you feeling like this. ...

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Sangria at La Sandia

We love wine in our home. One might call it a passion or obsession (I blame the parents). Sometimes, though, you want something, well, different – maybe something with some spice, spunk, a little kick. A drink that leaves your stomach doing a happy dance and begging for another round. Found it! Before our recent move to CA, we lived in Washington, DC (well, not IN DC, just outside in a town called Leesburg in Virginia. But, let’s be honest, have you EVER heard of Leesburg? I didn’t think so. So, just roll with me please). Back to the point: we lived in DC near Tysons Galleria – one of those really big and fancy malls with a bunch of great restaurants. One of them just happens to be La Sandia. Unfortunately, the only time I ever had the chance to dine there, I was 5 months pregnant and on a lunch break from work. So, when the adorable waiter asked if we would like to try their fantastic and famous sangria, I declined. Picture this: pregnant lady walks into fantastic Mexican restaurant and can’t have a beer, a margarita, wine, or sangria. Responsible, but such a bummer! Pregnant lady gives birth to a beautiful baby boy and about the time she can start drinking again, they move halfway across the country. A few months later, they move the rest of the way. Now she will never know the delicious nectar of the sangria! Her loving husband says he had the most amazing guacamole and sangria at this great Mexican restaurant at Santa Monica place. “Do you want to go?” he asks her. Um, duh! ...

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A Beautiful Beginning to 2014

2013-12-31 11.15.32 New Year's Eve normally evokes images of sparkling dresses, stunning heels, champagne toasts, midnight kisses, and all the new beginnings the upcoming year will hold. At our household, we rang in 2014 with the Aussies, opting for a lunch with a view instead of late-night dancing. 99.9% of the reasoning behind this decision is our eight-month old son and the desire to be near him as the clock struck 12, even if he was asleep; the other 0.1% is that we just moved to Austin from DC and didn't want to be experimenting with babysitters. ...

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