Champagne and Football

  Champagne Glass Growing up I was a major tomboy. Remember the show on Nickelodeon The Secret World of Alex Mack? For those of you too young (or old) to remember this classic, the main character, a girl named Alex, basically lived in a backwards baseball cap with a plaid shirt tied around her waist. Add a pair of soccer socks to that ensemble and you have a spot-on picture of me during my more formative years. Then I was moved to private school where I was required to wear a plaid skirt and white blouse every single day – and soccer socks were a direct violation of the dress code. A tough transition might be an understatement. Fast forward 15 years and you will still find a tomboy – at least on the inside. I love sports and beer. I am a passionate Chicago Bears fan and still love getting out on the pitch for a game of soccer. But, I have learned that soccer socks should remain pitch attire and have discovered a deep love of shoes. I now embrace skirts, dresses, lacy things, and makeup as fun assets rather than necessary evils. As with most people, I am probably a bit of a walking contradiction, which is why you will see me drinking champagne with berries during the NFL draft and a indulging in a bit of the bubbly during Sunday football. I’ve learned that life is all about balance. So, keep an eye out for the delicate tomboy mixing bubbles with her craft beer. My favorite bubbles would have to be: Roderer Estate Brut ($24) | Schramsberg Brut Rose ($43) and Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc ($38) Glasses Clink
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