Check-in | JW Marriott ATX

As far as I’m concerned, any hotel stay that welcomes us with a glass of sparkling wine for the hubby and I and cucumber water for the little man is fantastic and truly understands customer service, not to mention first impressions. As the bubbles sang and danced across my jet-lagged taste buds, I realized that the quality was a step or two above the two-buck-chuck I was expecting (did I mention first impressions?). Big props to the JW Marriott ATX for getting our trip home started on such a light note. As you can see, despite 6+ hours of travel and airports, even the little man was smiling (I think he just liked all the attention from people in the hotel). An adorable young man majoring in PR at UT Austin escorted us and our mountain of bags up to our room. Once again I was floored, speechless even. The corner room had two solid walls of floor-to-ceiling glass affording us a breathtaking view of downtown, including the State Capitol. My fear of heights was at peak levels as the little man rushed over to the glass, pressed his entire body flush against it, laughed. It was the perfect beginning to a jam-packed trip. More importantly, it reminded me that while our schedule was jam-packed, I needed to take time to slow down and enjoy the little things with my family in my beloved city. I think we did a decent job of slowing down and flowing with the monkey wrenches SXSW threw at our plans. I can’t wait to share the rest of our adventure with you!
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