Downtown Austin with the Little Man

Great food, awesome company, tons of sun, and constant laughter and smiles, these are the ingredients for a perfect day. The little man and I treated ourselves to one of these days while in Austin. The sun was shining as we walked and played along Shoal Creek for the second day in a row. In search of a breakfast spot not overflowing with SWSXi attendees, we traversed Congress, 2nd, 6th, 5th, Lamar and various hotels. It was lunch by the time we ended up at Corner restaurant inside of the JW Marriott.
Running on Shoal Creek

Running and hanging by the river.

  Much to our surprise, the food was really good and the service was equally enjoyable. I am not entirely sure if my tacos or the little man’s meal was better – not much beats man ‘n’ cheese and fries. Talk about a carb overload!
Corner Restaurant Meals

Left: my pork tacos. Right: the little man's custom ordered lunch meal. Yum!

From there we ventured up to the original Whole Foods for some rooftop playtime. One of two kids at first, the numbers continued to grow until there were over ten kids running around, climbing, making up imaginary games, sharing toys, and burning some of their extensive energy reserves.
Whole Foods_Rooftop Playing

Laughter and fun on the rooftop of Whole Foods.

Exhausted, we piled back into the stroller and made our way back to the room for a late afternoon nap before daddy came back from work (with a glass of champagne for mommy!). All in all, a hard day to beat! Loving our time back home in Austin.
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