Jack Creek Farms

Kids Barn Not to be confused with the nearby winery, Jack Creek Cellars (which, if you're 21+, you should definitely check out), Jack Creek Farms is my little man's paradise. Major bonus points for it also being parent-friendly. In addition to his lifelong love of running, climbing, throwing, and kicking, the little man has a new addiction, well two actually: cows and big trucks. Every morning he wakes up and sleepily demands "wanna see big cow." This passion surfaced mid-summer when we took him to the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles. After two hours of walking among the most massive and pampered cows and pigs I have ever seen, we headed over to the show barn to cheer on the cow tipping teams. The little man was mesmerized, especially when the horse-mounted cowboys strolled by close enough for him to reach over the fence and touch! To the point, the hubby and I have been on a mission to find cows. We didn't need to touch them - didn't really want to honestly. Unfortunately, outside of the annual fairs, it is easier to see an African lion in Southern California than it is to get within spitting distance of a cow. Seriously, with all the cow pastures along Interstate 5, you'd think at least one would be open to the public! Now, even though Jack Creek Farms does not have cows easily visible on the property (you gotta hike up through the hills, which the owners kind of frown upon), we decided to stop in and check out the rest of their menagerie. Following a quick stop at the ducks, the rabbits, and the chickens, the little man saw the goats and took off at a full toddler sprint (which is surprisingly fast!) yelling "big cow! big cow! big cow!" the entire way. After 10 minutes of failed explanations that what he was actually seeing were goats, we decided to go with it. I mean, hey, if he believes these goats are cows and it scratches that itch, then who are we to rob him of the fun? That'd be like telling him there was no Santa Claus or that he can't be a dinosaur when he grows up. Just plain rude. Aiden Feeding Goats Aiden with Goats He had so much fun we came back again the next day to visit the "cows," climb on the haystacks, and run through the big tire obstacle course. Mommy perused the apple trees and 50 different tomato varieties growing on the property picking some for a sweet and indulgent midday snack. The little man and the hubby even got in on the action. When the boys went inside to pick out a treat from the Jack Creek Farms store, I indulged in a little bit of mother nature's candy. Not a bad couple hours at all - especially as our next stop was L'Aventure and one or two of the other exceptional local wineries to get a bottle for that night. Bottom line, if you're ever in Paso Robles, especially with young children, you cannot go wrong with a quick (or extended) stop at Jack Creek Farms. We are anxiously awaiting our next trip in mid-October when they'll have pumpkins, fall squash, and Halloween festivities for the whole family! Little Man with Basket Apple Willow Tree Aiden in Kids Barn
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