Paso Robles 2015

Sunrise So Cal is not without its flaws. But summer in So Cal is a veritable buffet of activities. The times I have found myself saying, “there’s nothing to do” were really my way of saying, “I’m lazy and don’t’ feel like doing anything but don’t want to admit it so I’ll blame it on someone else.” I mean, where else can you go for a sunrise surf, hit the slopes by lunch, and be home for dinner, should you be so inclined? Though I doubt this happens much given the insane amount of traffic plaguing the streets at all hours of day and night (strangely, I have found the hours of 4 – 6am to be the quietest no matter the day of the week. Apparently Angelenos aren’t of the morning breed). It can take 1.5 hours to travel 15 miles if you get on the road at the wrong time. I guess this is where the great weather, sun roofs (or convertibles), and Sirius radio come in. It’s also probably why there are so many luxury vehicles on the road. Given the large portion of their lives people are forced to spend in their cars, I am no longer shocked to see a $90k Mercedes parked in front of a rundown bungalow (though I am not yet accustomed to the $1+  mil price tag of said bungalow!). It’s just common sense: spend your money where you spend your time. I digress. Back to the buffet of activities. One of my favorites is taking the fam up to Central CA, namely Paso Robles. Why do I consider this such a gem of a city you ask? Simple: -Awe-inspiring views -Some of the kindest, most generous people I have ever met -A calmness and tranquility impossible to find in the city -Hot days and cool nights give you the best of both temperature worlds -Seriously good eats -Wine that makes the 3.5+ hour drive more than worth the trip I love to see this city grow and thrive – lord knows it’s earned – but I hold my breath that despite the explosion in people, wine, and exposure, it can retain its essence. So, as I write, I encourage you to come, to visit, to experience the world of Paso Robles, but I also ask that you don’t then try to change or mold it. I am no fool. I don’t expect time to stand still. I simply want it to not speed up. Oakpass Vines Blue Flower Grapes_Close up Morning Sun_Paso
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