Pomegranate Margarita at Cantina Laredo

Sometimes all you need is a really good margarita. You know what I’m talking about – those days when you’ve spent a combined 6 hours in airports and on a plane with a toddler, and a husband. Now you are all jet lagged, hungry, thirsty, tired, and slightly irritable – not to mention wondering just how you’re going to get through the next 6 days without daycare when the last 6 hours left you feeling like this. Enter happiness in a glass aka the pomegranate margarita at Cantina Laredo in downtown Austin, Texas. See the smile on my face in that picture? I told all of social media that was because I was out with the hubby and the little man. While it wasn’t exactly a lie, it might have also had a little something to do with the liquid awesomeness in my hand. If you happen to be female and go Thursday evening, happy hour gets you half off this delicious nectar. Bonus, it pairs great with guacamole and the carnitas tacos. With three tacos per order, I got to feed the kid without ordering something from the kid’s menu that he would inevitably end up not liking (I have learned that things taste 10,000% when eaten off of mommy’s plate with mommy’s fork). Caution: all that happiness can lead to faces like this being made and captured. We also got the nachos (half chicken, half steak) that just happen to be fantastic. I love that these come as individual chip servings with just the right amount of each ingredient per chip (beans, cheese, meat) rather than the daunting mound of cardiac arrest that is often served up and labeled nachos. In short, it was a fantastic meal and experience. We will definitely be back – pretty much guaranteed that it will be on a Thursday.
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