Running Around Shoal Creek

One of my favorite things about Austin (downtown or any part of this great city) is that you can be sipping on fantastic margaritas one minute, walking along the river the next, and hopping in a kayak or on a tour boat to watch the bats right after. Being outside and active isn’t something you think about in the morning and plan into your schedule; it is a way of life. It is almost more work to avoid this lifestyle than it is to achieve it – maybe that's why everyone is so happy and nice. In accordance with this wonderful lifestyle, minutes after checking into our hotel (JW Marriott Austin) and grabbing dinner accompanied by fantastic margaritas (Cantina Laredo) we walked the few blocks down to the river’s edge. The little man was released from his mobile throne (aka stroller) and allowed to run. He chased birds, raced up a hill, laughed his way down it, waved at joggers, and hung out with some other kids as we watched the sunset over the bat bridge. Our walk led us to the “backyard” of the Four Seasons where they have full service self-seating on weekend evenings. The hubby and I grabbed a couple chairs, gave the little man his pink soccer ball, and let him run around with the other kids. The only downside to this entire evening was the less than attentive service at the Four Seasons. Our first experience here was so fantastic that we keep going back in hopes of a repeat. Alas, this was time three of slow and less than enthusiastic service coupled with mediocre wine. But, the view and outside space will probably keep us coming back. We returned to the hotel with a happily exhausted toddler ready for some quality zzz’s in preparation for a fun next day.
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