Style Boxes

I was a late fashion bloomer and have never been very trendy, nor do I fit in any one “style” box. I’m a little bit country, pretty preppy, have a bohemian flair, rock the beach feel, and embrace the relaxed LA vibe. Depending upon my mood, the weather, and the day’s itinerary, you can find me in anything from a sundress and sandals or structured blazer with pumps and a pencil skirt to skinny faux leather pants and red heels with a slicked-back high bun.
Devaki and I

Preppy, feminine, casual style with my bestie. Wine country cool.

But, this decision to embrace my contradictions came after years of confusion, frustration, and terrible fashion decisions (let's just say that soccer socks do not actually go with everything). Once I decided to accept that we do not have to be 100% in any particular style box, I began to see fashion as fun, as a way to express myself and the complicated intricacies that make me unique. I can rock a suit one day and a flirty sundress the next and not worry about feeling like a poser in my own skin. As humans, we are multi-dimensional beings and that is what makes us so interesting. Like makeup, hairstyles, and home decorating, fashion is a form of self-expression and can, quite literally, change our view of the world as well as our mood.
Remy and I

A little more formal and structured. Not exactly my best smile ever. 🙂

For this reason, my favorite fashion trend isn’t animal print, leather pants, suede skirts, or a throw back to the ‘70’s (though the come back of bell bottoms is super awesome!). What I am loving right now, is the industry’s tossing out of the rulebook. So many of the refrains and mantras that were repeated ad nausea during my youth (don’t mix black and blue, match your colors / patterns, no white pants after labor day, etc.) are being thrown out and, quite often, the opposite embraced (hello white skinny jeans in November); and I think it is fantastic!
Annie and I_Culver City

Having fashion fun with the lil' sis. You can't see it, but there are cowboy boots and jeans shorts paired with that collared shirt and aviators. One of my go-to fave outfits.

If you embody one particular style box, rock it! If not, who cares? You could almost say that not having one box is a box unto itself, but that’s getting a little philosophical for this chat. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that we feel fantastic when we walk out the door. The rest of the world be damned.

Trousers jeans and a boxy top.

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