Infused Water

Let’s face it. Water is boring. 64 ounces of it a day can get old quickly, so why not mix it up, change it up every now and then? I mean, you wouldn’t wear the same black pencil skirt and white blouse all day every day, would you? No. You add pizazz, sparkle, and fun to your wardrobe – and probably to your desk, your home, and your food. So, let’s give boring water a face lift. You could go out and buy lots of different fancy waters from specialty grocery stores, but that might end up costing you just as much as an actual face lift. For the cost your morning latte and in the amount of time it takes you to shave, you can make a gallon of water a day for a week. Yes, you heard me right; $5 and 5 minutes are all you need. I’m talking about infused water. I have long made lemon water (I think most of us have). But why stop there? Again with the boring and monotonous. Pick up your favorite produce item, slice it up, drop it in water, let it sit for a few hours to overnight. Presto – delicious, fun, refreshing water that just might have you craving it in the afternoon instead of that 8th cup of joe. Oh, and when you've finished the water and are ready to move on, toss those citrus slices down the drain (except the limes, they're too tough), turn on the water and the garbage disposal, and let it run for about 30 seconds. Take a deep breath: your sink and drain now smell fantastic! Some of my favorite infused waters (all quantities assume 1 gallon of water):
  • Strawberry (about 10 – 12 strawberries sliced vertically)
  • Lemon Lime (½ of a lemon sliced, 1 lime sliced)
  • Cucumber (1 cucumber sliced)
  • Cucumber Lemon Lime (½ of a lemon sliced, 1 lime sliced, ½ of a cucumber sliced)
  • Cucumber Mint Lemon (½ of a cucumber sliced, 8 – 10 mint leaves, ½ of a lemon sliced)
  • Berry (about 5 – 8 strawberries sliced vertically, about 10 blackberries halved)
  • Orange (1 orange sliced)
What are you favorite infused water combinations? Strawberry Water 2

Champagne and Football

  Champagne Glass Growing up I was a major tomboy. Remember the show on Nickelodeon The Secret World of Alex Mack? For those of you too young (or old) to remember this classic, the main character, a girl named Alex, basically lived in a backwards baseball cap with a plaid shirt tied around her waist. Add a pair of soccer socks to that ensemble and you have a spot-on picture of me during my more formative years....

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Sangria at La Sandia

We love wine in our home. One might call it a passion or obsession (I blame the parents). Sometimes, though, you want something, well, different – maybe something with some spice, spunk, a little kick. A drink that leaves your stomach doing a happy dance and begging for another round. Found it! Before our recent move to CA, we lived in Washington, DC (well, not IN DC, just outside in a town called Leesburg in Virginia. But, let’s be honest, have you EVER heard of Leesburg? I didn’t think so. So, just roll with me please). Back to the point: we lived in DC near Tysons Galleria – one of those really big and fancy malls with a bunch of great restaurants. One of them just happens to be La Sandia. Unfortunately, the only time I ever had the chance to dine there, I was 5 months pregnant and on a lunch break from work. So, when the adorable waiter asked if we would like to try their fantastic and famous sangria, I declined. Picture this: pregnant lady walks into fantastic Mexican restaurant and can’t have a beer, a margarita, wine, or sangria. Responsible, but such a bummer! Pregnant lady gives birth to a beautiful baby boy and about the time she can start drinking again, they move halfway across the country. A few months later, they move the rest of the way. Now she will never know the delicious nectar of the sangria! Her loving husband says he had the most amazing guacamole and sangria at this great Mexican restaurant at Santa Monica place. “Do you want to go?” he asks her. Um, duh! ...

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