Sunday Mornings

Cranberry Orange Scones_Plated

Cranberry orange scones

Breakfast in our home usually consists of a bowl of cheerios, some yogurt, or toast with peanut butter washed down with a glass of O.J., a cup of coffee, or a serving of milk. On really awesome days, we might have a package of instant oatmeal or toss in some granola with the yogurt. Then it is out the door and off to work, the gym, or daycare. Monday through Friday maintains this same basic pattern and it works to get us all out the door on time usually with a smile and kiss to boot! Saturday mornings are a slightly more drawn out version of this same pattern, but the meals remain the same: yogurt, O.J., cereal, and milk....

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Beauty Favorite: Morning Cleanser

Caudalie_Instant Foaming Cleanser copy As a teenager I suffered from oily skin prone to breakouts. We're talking Acutane levels of skin insanity. Over the last decade or so, it has settled down and now I'd say I run closer to “normal” – not too dry and not too oily. I have gone through what feels like a million face cleansers trying to find one that will cleanse the oily areas without making the dry parts worse. I wasn't looking for a magic eraser or cure-all pill ...

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