Downtown Austin with the Little Man

Great food, awesome company, tons of sun, and constant laughter and smiles, these are the ingredients for a perfect day. The little man and I treated ourselves to one of these days while in Austin. The sun was shining as we walked and played along Shoal Creek for the second day in a row. In search of a breakfast spot not overflowing with SWSXi attendees, we traversed Congress, 2nd, 6th, 5th, Lamar and various hotels. It was lunch by the time we ended up at Corner restaurant inside of the JW Marriott.
Running on Shoal Creek

Running and hanging by the river.


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Running Around Shoal Creek

One of my favorite things about Austin (downtown or any part of this great city) is that you can be sipping on fantastic margaritas one minute, walking along the river the next, and hopping in a kayak or on a tour boat to watch the bats right after. Being outside and active isn’t something you think about in the morning and plan into your schedule; it is a way of life. It is almost more work to avoid this lifestyle than it is to achieve it – maybe that's why everyone is so happy and nice. ...

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