The Third Piece

The "Third Piece" is a term used in the fashion world to refer to that last accessory or article of clothing that finishes the outfit and gives it a "complete" feeling. It is often a vest, jacket, or scarf. I have a cropped denim vest that I use year-round to add that last dimension. When I am putting together a room, this concept of the "third piece" (or fourth!) is essential. After all, there is a different between minimalist and incomplete. Case in point, this year as I was setting the dining table, I thought I was done but knew something was missing. I didn't want a cluttered table, but what I had felt empty, kind of half-done, if you will....

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Style Boxes

I was a late fashion bloomer and have never been very trendy, nor do I fit in any one “style” box. I’m a little bit country, pretty preppy, have a bohemian flair, rock the beach feel, and embrace the relaxed LA vibe. Depending upon my mood, the weather, and the day’s itinerary, you can find me in anything from a sundress and sandals or structured blazer with pumps and a pencil skirt to skinny faux leather pants and red heels with a slicked-back high bun.
Devaki and I

Preppy, feminine, casual style with my bestie. Wine country cool.


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