Wineries of Paso: Linne Calodo

Oak Pass Grape Vines Some wineries are all about the wine, some about price, others value prestige or exclusiveness, while yet others tout their extensive tasting list. There are boutique wineries with tasting by reservation only, large wineries catering to groups and wine novices. Whether you enjoy big crowds or intimate affairs, sophisticated venues or family-friendly farms, Paso Robles has something for everyone. It's inclusive air and lack of pretentiousness endears it to me all the more. Had I compiled a list of my top Paso Robles wineries 5 or 10 years ago, there would be few overlaps between then and now. This speaks as much to the ever-changing tastes of a wino as it does to the evolving landscape of Central California's wine country. The main problem I have at this point is that there is just too much good wine and depending upon my mood, the weather, and what I am wearing, my definition of "good" or "just right" can change wildly. Now, as many of you know, wine lovers love lists. The best, the smallest, the most expensive, the do not miss, winos and tourists can't seem to get enough of them. In fact, these lists are so pervasive that if you are looking for lists to help narrow things down, you will probably end up with a list 10 times as long as when you started - not to mention a massive headache. Sometimes all you need are the facts - with some sprinkled in subjective assessments, of course. So, instead of creating yet another "Top Wineries in Paso Robles" list I am simply going to write about each of them and do it in - gasp! -  in no particular order. Let me know if there is a particular one you want to hear about - even if I haven't been, I'll make the sacrifice and check it out! Enjoy! Linne Calodo Linne Calodo website: hours: appointment only - call or email to schedule tasting fee: $20 per person (waived with membership) children allowed?: Well-behaved dogs and kids are allowed. Linne has a sophisticated vibe, sharp edges, and breakables so high-energy children and dogs should probably enjoy the beautiful outdoor portions of the facility. The hubby and I take turns hanging outside with the little man. my thoughts: Personal. If I had to describe Linne Calodo in one word it would be personal. Each scheduled group has a designated and exclusive host with immense knowledge not only of the wines being tasted, but also of the winery's history. When you walk through the front door, you are greeted by your host and taken to your personalized tasting station. Don't be alarmed by the quantity of glasses resting in front of you - they are not cramming four of you into a three-foot space. All of those are for you. Instead of one glass per person, Linne provides one glass per wine tasted per person - no mixing or rinsing. Basically, you kind of feel like royalty or at least the upper end of that elusive 1%. Now for the nitty gritty - cost per bottle. The wines average $70 per bottle, but I promise you it is worth it. It is definitely not in my everyday wine price range, but for those special occasions you better believe I pull out an Overthinker, Perfectionist, or Problem Child. Does dealing with a problem child count as a special occasion? There are days where that is a resounding "yes" even if those days happen to fall in the middle of the week.
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